Month: March 2018

#012 Food, Shelter & Sex in Space (w/ Andrew Rader)

Aerospace Engineer / Author Andrew Rader on the challenges that face us in colonizing Mars and other worlds.

#011 Dark Energy & Dark Matter for Dummies w/ Richard Panek

Guggenheim Fellowship Award recipient/Author, Richard Panek on everything we know (and don't know) about dark energy and dark matter.

#010 The Quran & The Bible w/ Prof. Gabriel Said Reynolds

Author and Professor of Islamic Studies at Notre Dame, Gabriel Said Reynolds on the similarities between the Quran and the Bible, and where they diverge.

#009 Was Eden’s Forbidden Tree Agriculture? [WWTB? II] w/ Dr. Richard Elliott Friedman

Were Adam and Eve the world's first agriculturalists? Dr. Richard Elliott Friedman on this fascinating interpretation of the Genesis origin story, as found in Daniel Quinn's classic novel, Ishmael.