Month: April 2018

#017 DEBATE: Is Technology a Positive Force? w/ John Zerzan & Andrew Rader

Green Anarchist John Zerzan & Aerospace Engineer Andrew Rader debate the ultimate implications of civilization and technology.

#016 Civilization & Anarchy w/ John Zerzan

John Zerzan on the origins of Civilization and what we can learn from life before it.

#015 Male & Female Polarity w/ Dr. Ray

JS and Dr. Ray discuss the psychological and biological differences between men and women and how we can harmonize our energy.

#014 100 Years of Devolving Masculinity w/ Dr. Ray

Psychologist Dr. Ray on the decline of masculinity in men over the last century.

#013 Who Wrote The Bible pt. III Morality & Miracles w/ Ron Hendel

Exploring miracles and morality according to the Old Testament, through the lens of cultural memory, with world-renowned Bible scholar Ron Hendel.