#026 Why The Universe is Probably a Simulation w/ Andrew Rader

Andrew Rader breaks down the logic behind the concept of reality as a simulation.

#025 Mental Health & Suicide w/ Ray Doktor

Dr. Ray on the importance of — and the road map to — mental health.

#024 Why Nations Fail w/ Daron Acemoglu

MIT Professor/NY Time Best Selling Author Daron Acemoglu on inclusive and extractive institutions.

#023 Should We Care About Our Personal Data? w/ Ramona Pringle & Andrew Rader

Ramona Pringle, journalist and professor of interactive media for Ryerson University talks about your personal data, who has it, and how they want to use it.

#022 Meditation: 10% Happier w/ Dan Harris

Award winning ABC journalist and author of NY Times Bestseller, 10% Happier on the science behind meditation.

#021 Diversity & Uniformity w/ Claire Lehmann

Quillette Founder/Editor-in-Chief Claire Lehmann on sexism, racism + other matters of cultural diversity and uniformity.

#020 Brave New World w/ Andrew Rader

Part III in our civilization series. Discussing Aldous Huxley’s 1933 novel which depicts an advanced technological society dependent on social conditioning and hierarchy.

#019 The Way We Speak Shapes Everything w/ Lera Boroditsky

Cognitive Scientist Lera Boroditsky breaks down the logic behind various world languages and demonstrates its influence on their speakers.

#018 Robots: Friend, Foe, or Tool? w/ Jonathan Hurst

Agility Robotics CTO Jonathan Hurst on building humanoid robots and how we'll interact with them in the future.

#017 DEBATE: Is Technology a Positive Force? w/ John Zerzan & Andrew Rader

Green Anarchist John Zerzan & Aerospace Engineer Andrew Rader debate the ultimate implications of civilization and technology.